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MCMC Decision on Proposals from Amateur Radio Communities
Dihantar pada Saturday, 31 May 2014 oleh admin
Ham RAdio

MCMC Decision on Proposals from Amateur Radio Communities

A dialogue session with amateur radio societies was held on 15 January 2014. The following decision took in consideration the best interest of all parties:

No. Proposals from Amateur Radio Communities MCMC Decision
1 To update the amateur radio AA appendix (License Appendix) of class A by adding
a) 7.0MHz - 7.2MHz;
b) 135.7kHz - 137.8kHz; and
c) 472.0kHz - 479.0kHz
2 To update the Classes of Emission in the license appendix to include digital carrier emissions Approved
3 Allow the Class B amateu station AA holder to use 7MHz band. In consideration.
Further study is needed to harmonize with Public Protection Disaster
Recovery and all agencies involved
4 To add a new category called "Senior Class B" before migrating to Class A. Not approved
5 To provide a suitable call sign for the above "Senior Class B" category, if appoved. Not approved
6 To abolish the Morse Code (CW) Test as a requirement to operate all HF Bands. In consideration.
May provide the following options:
i) Reduced speed with minimum 5WPM; or
ii) Introduce a new written exam on advancedRAE
7 a) To increase TX power up to 1,000Watts in the HF bands for Class A operators
b) To transmit up to 100Watts (PEP) on HF Band, 50Watt (PEP) on VHF, UHF and higher bands for Class B operators.
In consideration.
Further study is needed - to benchmark against other countries with substantial number of active amateur operators.
8 To allow Class B operators to use all modes of emission and all HF bands allocated for amateur radio services. In consideration.
Further study is needed.
9 To relax written RAE for Class B and to develop a new syllabus with more content on electrical theory, EMI and RFI prevention and mitigation techniques and emergency communications practices and procedures. Approved.
RAE questions will be reviewed to strengthen the focus on governance aspect.
10 To allow the use of IARU Region 3 Band Plan where no SRSPs published by MCMC that deals with such band. Approved.
It must be consistent with the Spectrum Plan
11 To abolish the RM60 processing fee for new or renewal of AA (individual and repeater station). Not approved.
It is a requirement under the Communication and Multimedia (Spectrum) Regulations 2000
12 To abolish the AA fee for Amateur Radio Repeater station. Not approved.
It is a requirement under the Communication and Multimedia (Spectrum) Regulations 2000.
13 Abolish the 9M referral requirement for amateur station AA application and to allow 9W as the referral. Not approved.
It may create confusion.
14 Introduce a single alphabet call sign for example, 9M2M, for contest purpose. Replace 9M4 prefix to 9M2, 9M6 and 9M8 accordingly for DXing. Not Approved.
It may create confusion.
15 Provide Contest call sign. Approved but it is subjected to Licensing Committee Meeting (LCM).
16 Introduce new Class C for Amateur Station AA. Not Approved.
There is no feasible/significant need to introduce a new class, for now
17 Share ARS frequency with PDRM, BOMBA, JKM, Hospital or other related agencies during special event organized by radio amateur association/club or during an emergency situations. In consideration.
MCMC to coordinate all agencies during an emergency situation, if required.
18 Allocate A1A emission code to 9W. In consideration.
Further study is needed.
19 Update Authorization Notices to facilitate importation of Amateur Radio equipment. Amateur radio practitioners to propose updates - provide details on technical specification / test reports for consideration.
20 Automatic conversion of Class B licence holders to Class A after 2 years without the need to sit for Morse Code Test. Not approved.
All candidates must proof his/her competency for each Class.
21 MCMC to provide training on ARS MCMC to provide assistance, if required.
22 MCMC to establish 24/7 Command Center for disaster/emergency communications on national or regional basis. In consideration.
MCMC to coordinate all agencies involved in an emergency situation, if required.
23 Introduce an SOP for amateur radio repeater use. MCMC to provide assistance, if required.
24 No GST or Customs tax on Amateur Radio Equipment MCMC to provide assistance, if required.
25 Allow amateur radio station call sign to be used as an option for vehicle plate number registration with proper MOU with JPJ. MCMC to provide assistance, if required.
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